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What we can do for (and with) you.

For a technology company, you may wonder why we mostly offer Services instead of neatly boxed websites & applications for lowest possible prices. Simple, we aren't that sort of company. Our philosophy is that any solution is only valid if it solves the real problem. We'll start any relationship by sitting down and taking the time to assess and understand the real needs of the business.


Sales Process Flow Assessment - if a business isn't in flow then things don't work out quite right. If you are having problems with strange sales outcomes, complaints, staff problems or anything else that seems wrong, then there is probably something wrong with the flow in your business. Understand More & Get Help

Website Flow Assessment - if your website isn't performing as you think it should then let us have a look at it and make recommendations for you. (this one is for micro businesses only) $50
Understand More & Get Help

Training - if you need training to be delivered to staff or customers and need to outsource, we can help with this.


We can build Websites from simple 1-page "business cards" to Blogs and even scary Database-driven juggernauts (this is Jane's stock in trade).

The amounts here are only guidelines. We can only quote after proper meetings and scope is developed,

Small Website (like this one) - this includes talking with you to establish customer needs and developing good information flows. $250 (2-4 pages)

Blog Based Website - using Wordpress and populating initial content. from $300

Databases & Other Applications - we can Scope, Design, Project Manage your outsourced labor, or build personally.

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