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Intracept Technology

Intracept Technology Pty Ltd is led by Jane Stockwell


Established in 1999 specialising in developing small, useful applications for the Windows platform, with substantial experience in applications for various industries using a wide range of technologies.

The solution should always reflect the problem and not the technologies that are in fashion at the time. Otherwise you are indulging in poor design and not really solving the problem. This is why I have specialists in areas like Sales and Workflow available to assess the problem and proposed solutions.

Skills & Technologies

  • Business Analysis
  • Customer Process Flow (with a focus on increased revenue and increased efficiency)
  • System scope, Design and Architecture
  • Team leading/project management
  • Training
  • Database design and implementation on major database provides (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle RDBMS, PL/SQL)
  • Web application development with Microsoft MVC, HTML, jQuery, Razor
  • Windows Forms and Service development (Microsoft C#.NET)
  • Microsoft Office automation with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
  • Windows Server and workstation deployment and network configuration
  • Java development for Android and Windows


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Intracept Technology Pty Ltd
ACN: 088 408 262
ABN: 49 088 408 262

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"I have worked consultatively with Jane across a range of information related tasks over the past 2 years, and have found her systems and information architecture knowledge and experience invaluable.  Jane is a team player, easy to communicate with and willing to share her knowledge and experience and as such I highly recommend her and would be happy to work with her in the future." - Tracey Fraser : Experienced Information Security, Governance, Risk and Compliance Consultant

"Benedict is extremely attentive to detail, very focused, and exceptionally committed to the project. His communications were long, detailed, and very prompt with every reply. He has an advanced understanding of the music industry, and suggested multiple avenues for us to pursue in marketing and promoting a series of 6 volumes of piano music." - David Stambler

"Benedict was a real pleasure to work with. Not only did he produce articles that were accurate, he knew the subject that he was writing about, which is great in a writer. Also his writing style fit well with what I needed, and was able to follow the instructions provided very well. Would certainly recommend him to anyone looking for good article writing." - Home Recording Blog

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